The other night my partner and I were sitting watching Roman Kemp documentary about his mental health journey. We sat there and thought it’s great that we have celebrity’s talking about there journeys but also had the feeling when that documentary had finished what’s the nexts step? Programs like that could set off triggers for certain people and where do they go from there? In my opinion the NHS is well and truly stretched when it comes to mental health and funding is not the amount it should be. We have people in the darkest moment and won’t speak out and when you do the wait time for help is maybe to long. We are thinking of something we can do to help and my partner came up with this

SILENT: Should I Let Everyone Notice This

In the next few weeks we will be trying to get people behind this and launch a social media platform where people feel safe to speak out and let people know how they are feeling. We will try and get all professional on board and everything will be all free advice and help. Let’s change this world for the better.

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