What is Meditation?

There are so many benefits to meditation it is hard to list them all. Meditation helps purge stress and anxiety from the mind and the body. It also helps release tension and relax the mind.

Meditation can lower stress hormones, lower blood pressure And even help those with sleep disorders.

Daily meditation is a wonderful way to start the day because it helps your ground and centre yourself.

Meditation helps evoke the relaxation response, Which helps you in many ways. Meditation helps you gain clarity and focus because it helps you slow your breathing down and relax your muscles.

Meditation can even help you increase your motivation and productivity by helping you focus on those things that you want to draw to you. There are many health benefits to meditation and you don’t really need any special skills to do so. Life can be overwhelming at times and meditation can help you cope better with the daily stress and strain of life.

Engaging in a daily meditative practice can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day.

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