Diaphragmatic Breathing

The diaphragm is the most eficient muscle for breathing. The diaphragm is a large dome shaped muscle located at the base of the lungs.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique

1. Lie on your back on a flat surface – you can simply lie in bed.

2. Bend your knees and make sure your head is properly supported.

3. Gently place one hand on your upper chest with the other hand just below the rib cage (This allows you to feel the diaphragm moves as you breathe)

4. Begin your breathing in slowly through your nose so that your stomach moves out against your hand, The hand on your chest should remain still.

5. Tight in your stomach muscles, Allowing them to feel inwards as you exhale through pursed lips.

When you first tried to diaphragmatic breathing technique, May be easier for you to begin by laying down. As you practice more you can try diaphragmatic breathing techniques while sitting in a chair. Try and practice this exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes about 3 to 4 times a day. You can gradually increase the amount of time you spend doing this exercise.

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